Coding Ribbons For Flexible Packaging

“Better than the Original”

Yes! It is what our resellers has been telling us.

High Speed TTO Ribbons For Flexible Packaging

Ideal for world’s renowned TTO printers:

  • Ideal for Markem, Video Jet, Linx, Domino, Norwood Jaguar, Avery Dennison and many other high speed TTO inline printers.
  • Suitable for printing of expiry date on food packaging materials that require high speed and volume printing
  • Good printing quality; Sharp and Dark image.
  • Good scratch and smear resistant.
  • Capable of high speed printing up to 31 inches/second for inline flexible packaging printing.
  • Suitable for printing on wide range of on uncoated and coated packaging films such as Polyester, PP, OPP, Polyethylene and PET.
  • Ribbon with anti-static properties and prime back coating layer to reduce head dust, reduce wear and prolong print-head life.
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A good TTO ribbon is one which can print well and having excellent price performance factor. We will help you to select a ribbon from our range of products to meet your requirement in image sharpness, print density, print durability and printing speed.

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